Marketing Strategy & Optimisation

Juicebox is a results driven company, passionate about ensuring all collateral has a strong strategic foundation. We have developed a unique workshop in order to get a deeper understanding of your business. By understanding your business we are able to develop a tactical strategy aligned with your company’s objectives, goals while taking into consideration your company’s budget. Juicebox has a passionate culture, taking pride in the success of our clients, working with them from their perspective, ensuring we can benefit our clients at the highest possible level.

Campaign Planning & Coordination

With years of experience planning and coordinating campaigns, our team will work with you to generate campaigns that will suit your business objectives and budget constraints. Campaign planning and implementation involves both online and traditional channels, keeping in mind your audience’s demographics. We will choose the appropriate platforms best suited to your brand ensuring campaign success. Our extensive planning process will analyse your target audience, focussing on the best ways to appeal to them, balancing reach, frequency, as well as developing a media plan that outlines advertising impact.

Search Engine Optimisation & Marketing

With billions of websites on the web today it’s extremely imperative your website can be found amongst all the noise. Our incredibly experienced local digital marketing team have a deep understanding of search engines and are equipped with the skills to get your business to the front page of Google both organically and via paid search. With over 93% of searches taking place on Google, we make sure your website has a strong presence on the search results page.

Content Strategy & Planning

Communicating with your customers and prospects in the digital environment is as important as ever. Telling your story and positioning your brand through content marketing will help retain existing customers and acquire new ones. We establish a deep understanding of your audience and craft and curate messaging that addresses their concerns and interests, and amplify this content across the right channels. We will develop a content strategy that will show you how you can use content as an important asset to your business.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is plays an important role in any business. It’s the main channel to tell your story, engage with your customers and prospects and it has the potential to increase sales as well as traffic to your website. Juicebox can coach your team on how to effectively use and manage your accounts in an appropriate way, increasing customer engagement, brand loyalty as well as promoting higher conversion rates. We will craft and curate content that will drive traffic from your social media network to your website, ensuring that your posts aren’t lost in all the noise.

Email Marketing

91% of consumers check their email accounts at least once a day, showing that email marketing is still dominating the market. It is an incredibly cost-effective tool, allowing businesses to reach their target market in a place they visit everyday. Email marketing can help your business reach their customers, allowing them to stay connected, up-to-date, while delivering content. Facilitating two-way relationships, ensuring your business is at the top of their mind in both busy and slower periods. Juicebox can give you the ability to purchase and connect with targeted email databases, connecting you with key decision makers. These databases include niche news or member sites that can increase your audience base.