Discovery Process

We’ve created a unique Discovery Process designed to promote discussion and capture insights and key information so that we can develop an effective brand, digital and/or marketing strategy. The Process is delivered across three key phases:

  1. Stakeholder Surveys
  2. Discovery Workshop
  3. Strategic Planning

The outcome of this Process is a document that outlines key learnings and provides recommendations for all deliverables and initiatives required to meet your objectives. The Strategic Plan document functions as a roadmap for all activities and forms the foundation of the ongoing relationship with our agency.

Our Discovery Process is comprehensive and considers the below aspects:

Background and objectives

We seek a deep understanding of your objectives and ambitions. It’s critical for us to understand where you have come from and where you are heading; ensuring all recommendations and advice is accurate and effective in accordance to the overall goals of your organisation.

Brand purpose, values, and vision

We help your organisation surface its true purpose, accurately define its values, and reimagine its vision for tomorrow. We identify the underlying motivators and discover the collective beliefs from within, before crafting an authentic, relevant, and impactful brand proposition.

Products and services

Being fully informed about your offering and understanding how it is structured and priced for your specific market is fundamental to the success of any sales and marketing strategy.

Target audience

Understanding your customers and their behaviour, before organising them into smaller groups and niche segments, allows us to tailor your brand and marketing to be as relevant and impactful as possible.

Competitive positioning

It’s critical that we understand your strengths with relation to your key competition, whilst considering the needs and goals of your target audience. By understanding the marketplace dynamic we can correctly position your brand proposition and attract the right people.

User experience

By profiling your customers and analysing their journey (or user experience) we can map all touch-points with your brand and consider their specific behaviour (think, feel, and do) at key moments. This allows us to plan the required channels, tactics and collateral to reach and engage your customers, crafting an experience that is aligned with your brand and business objectives.

Digital strategy

Increasingly the customer journey (or user experience) is being delivered across digital channels and/or platforms. We pride ourselves on designing and delivering seamless and emotive digital experiences that form a fundamental part of your brand and marketing strategy.