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September 22, 2016

SEO, also known as search engine optimisation, is the most spoken about but widely understood term in digital today. With the increasing year over year shift to digital, SEO is now more important than ever and it’s essential that all business owners understand the potential it has as a marketing tool.

The majority of SEO is targeted towards Google, whether your business is on the first page or not can have a huge impact on your bottom line. It offers many benefits to your business; such as boosting business growth, web traffic and credibility while giving business owners insight into customer behaviour and spending habits.

So with such importance, what are some key things you should know? Well we’ve kept it simple with 5 common strategies which have worked for us and our clients.

1. KISS concept, keep your keywords simple… stupid!

Keywords are the fundamental backbone of your SEO strategy, they drive traffic to your website. Not having the correct keywords can affect your bounce rate and ultimately your customer engagement. It is at this point that the little guy has an advantage, you don’t need to target higher ranking for dozens of keywords. Which is why it is important to find keywords which directly relate to your target niche while still generating sales.

2. Developing a content-marketing strategy around your SEO

For a website to be successful it should have a relevant content strategy based around the top keywords used. When your web developer creates content it gives internet users something to link to. Examples of content could be in the form of a blog, vlog, or a webinar. The content you place on your website has a chance to place itself on the search page, increasing visibility. For example, this blog post, “5 strategies for promoting business” will rank on the search engine by the keywords used in the title and url.

Content in the title, url and body of the post will also rank within search engines. This will create links between your website and social media pages, making your website a more attractive candidate for Google. By frequently updating and adding new content, you will alert Google that your website is constantly evolving, making your business appear to be alive and kicking!

creating links between your website and social media pages, makes your website a more attractive candidate for Google

3. Optimizing single pages on your website, not the whole website

It is important to grasp that in order to gain ranking you’re able to optimise a particular page on your website rather than the whole thing. This is because you often find singular pages appear on the Google search rather than the whole website. In some instances your website may consist of a singular page, if that is the case you can still attempt ranking.

Different pages on your website represent different segments of it. You must give each page a particular rating based on importance, as not all segments are of the same value. For example, most websites consist of homepages, about us page, product and/or a services page and a contact page. Google rankings occur due to the relevance of the page, therefore it’s a good idea to seek higher rankings for your products and/or services page rather than your contact us page as this page converts site visitors into potential customers through informing of what you do.

4. Ways you can appear in Google search results

Excluding backlinking and onsite SEO, there are many other ways you can achieve higher rankings in Google’s search results. This can be achieved by making use of structured data markup on your website, getting access to Google’s knowledge graph, developing authority of your site content, implementing AMP (accelerated mobile pages), Carousel and performing local SEO.

5. Compete with the big guys, yes it’s possible!

Google endeavours to give its users the best customer experience possible, which is why their search algorithms gives higher rankings to well-established brands. If you are, for example a new online boutique entering the web world it would seem hard to compete with the big guys e.g. ASOS. Don’t lose hope! By choosing your keywords correctly you can achieve high page rankings. By concentrating on keywords that are uniquely related to your brand, Google’s crawlers will boost your rankings!

Incorporating SEO into your company’s website is a big win! To ensure success, keep an eye on the latest SEO tools, updates and practices… or give us a call.

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