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February 14, 2017

You may not know this about us, but we’re a romantic bunch at Juicebox.

And, with Valentine’s Day falling this week our attention has turned to a mystical form of love that raises the pulse of marketers and business owners around the world.

Yes, we’re talking about Brand Love, and how romancing your customers will not only strengthen your business, but also fill your heart with glowing pride and joy.

Because, there’s nothing that heats up a sales and marketing meeting like evidence of a client’s love for your business and brand. And, when they’re vocal about it, everyone wins.

So, what exactly do we mean by brand love?

Think about a brand you’re mad for and really admire. One that the more you experience, the more you enjoy and want to support it. Perhaps you’ve been with this brand so long now that the thought of leaving it for a competitor makes you feel a little icky inside, maybe even deceitful.  

Yeah, you’ve got it bad…

Brand love is moving beyond the point of loyalty, to something much deeper. It means you’ve cultivated such a strong a relationship with your clients and customers that the competitors don’t even get a look in, and no promo or special offer is going provoke their eyes to wander. They’re attached and committed to you.    

So, how exactly does one grow such tender feelings toward a business or brand?

We all know there’s a lot to cultivating and sustaining a romantic relationship, and brand relationships are no different.

You may have heard of Dr. Gary Chapman’s pop cultural sensation, The Five Love Languages. According to Chapman, there’s 5 universal ways in which people show and interpret love. While a little cheesy, it’s a helpful model for thinking about how we as businesses, brands and marketers can communicate and create experiences with our customers and clients in order to build strong relationships.

Here’s a rundown of how you can apply the 5 love languages to your relationships with your clients and customers.


Words of Affirmation

If you offer a service or product that helps your clients and customers achieve personal or business goals, it’s important to champion them in their journey to achieving these. Social media provides a great platform to encourage clients and customers to share their experiences and progress. Maybe your product helped them grow an area of their business or they’ve reached particular milestone with your help. You should be shouting these success stories from the rooftops and creating a community that supports and encourages each other. Giving clients words of encouragement and support goes a long way to making them feel special and acknowledged.

Quality Time

We all have multiple demands on our time each day, so when someone goes out of their way to help us it immediately makes an impact. Giving your client or customer your undivided attention, means listening to their concerns, objections, and hopes around your offering and working with them to find the best solution. Going that extra mile for a client or customer is one way of expressing your brand’s devotion to servicing their needs as best possible.  

Acts of Service

Why is customer service often touted to be a business’s big differentiator? Because good service really makes a difference! Excellent personal service is what gets you referrals and repeat business. Acts of service means putting that extra time, effort, and energy into the relationship, by thinkings about new and inventive ways you can help them. It’s going above and beyond the calls of duty and over delivering. As they say, actions speak louder than words, so when you say you care about giving your clients “the best service”, you really need to back that up with concrete behaviours.  

Gift Giving

It could be an unexpected freebie, special loyalty offer or other token. These “gifts” go a long way to making your clients and customers feel special and appreciated. In fact things like anniversary and festive gifts to acknowledge customer and client loyalty and referrals still have their place in business. When done genuinely and personalised, these small acts of gifting are actually pretty classy and can really make a real impact. Because, who doesn’t like receiving a bottle of wine or hamper at Christmas? Yep, we all do.

Physical Touch

We’re not suggesting you start giving your clients a shoulder rub, but regular contact with your audience is definitely important! For the sake of this analogy let’s talk touchpoints. This means keeping true to your brand’s values in each and every interaction with your client. Further to this, when it comes to professional services never underestimate the powerful effect a face-to-face meeting with a client can have on your relationship. Setting milestone meetings to touch base with clients to review the services you’re offering and having an open discussion about what’s new in their business and how your services might assist to resolve/mitigate issues or leverage opportunities is another way you can revitalise your relationship.
Sometimes showing your clients and customers a little bit of love is all you need to keep the spark alive and remind them that you care.  

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