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Chris Nelson

Chris Nelson

December 5, 2014

.com, .com.au, .melbourne or .dance? Which is right for your business?

We recently put forth an offer for a client to purchase their desired domain name from an existing owner for a large figure. Whilst this particular offer was more than most are prepared to spend, the actual act of purchasing a held domain name for our clients is becoming increasingly more common. They understand that having the perfect domain name in their marketing is now as important as the placements themselves.Watch All Girls Weekend (2016) Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Is .com still relevant?

The top level domain market (the word after the final dot) has been saturated with everything from .melbourne through to .dance. If there’s an industry out there then it almost certainly has a tailored domain extension. Despite the novelty of these options, they never seem to have the same allure as the tried and tested .com or .com.au. Maybe it’s because most smart phones and tablets now have a [.com] key, the speculation about their inability to rank in search engines or perhaps it’s because these domains confuse your average internet user. Either way, whilst they’re here to stay they’re not yet in vogue in Australia. 

Ask and ye shall receive

We have purchased numerous, currently held domain names for our clients with great success. Whilst it’s rare to find a good name available for registration, it’s quite common to stumble across a good domain that’s not in use. Even in the event a website exists on your preferred domain, it’s worth having a quick look over the site to gauge recent activity. Just because a website is hosted doesn’t necessarily mean it’s successful and, at the end of the day, it never hurts to ask the owner whether they’re willing to sell.

If they are then it comes down to what it’s worth to our client long-term (ie. what they’re willing to pay). It’s important to remember that once a domain is in your possession the on-going registration fees are less than a carton of beer each year, whilst the opportunity to own the domain name may never be present again if you choose to pass.

Since 2008 the Australian Domain Name Administrator (auDA) relaxed the rules governing the purchase and transfer of .com.au domains meaning that if you have a valid ABN and your business relates to the domain, you are able to seek the purchase and transfer.

But what if they won’t sell?

If an existing domain is relevant to a business and your offer is not accepted, there’s very little you can do; besides choose another extension. However, if the domain owner is holding the domain under bad faith (or to confuse your customers) you may be eligible to proceed with litigation to gain control of that domain.  

Be relevant. Be concise.

After several unsuccessful attempts we eventually secured juicebox.com.au many moons ago and switched everything from our existing domain juiceboxcreative.com.au. Looking back on my previous 29-character e-mail address I don’t think I could put a price on that purchase.


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