Why did they engage us?

Producing three distinct styles of apple cider in their Stratham cidery, with quality fruit sourced from nearby Donnybrook – Runamuk engaged our agency to bring their brand story, visual identity and packaging designs to life.

Runamuk wanted to steer clear the well worn ‘craft-driven’ and ‘paddock-to-plate’ aesthetics that majority of independent and corporate cider producers were pursuing. Instead they sort to embody the personality of their tearaway apple – A rebel that fell too far from the tree, a mischievous archetype that delivers a delicious breed of cider-filled mayhem to bars and bottle shops across the country.


Our graffiti inspired approach to the identity evokes the attitudes of the artists who seek to reclaim ownership of the streets, or in this case the cider industry. The label designs deface the brands of corporatised cider and boldly scrawl the Runamuk tag – freshly sprayed with no regrets.

We also created apple sticker designs to convey key product information, using its iconic visual appearance to remind drinkers of the core ingredient and further strengthen the connection to the stick-up street art culture.

This is cider for those that don’t play nice. Cider that confidently stands-up in a room full of beer.


Significant hours were spent perfecting glass screen printing process.

For this concept to be fully realised, we knew that the packaging and label design needed to be perfect. We spent significant hours working alongside a glass screen printing company to achieve these results – layering and adjusting the amount inks to achieve the perfect amount of background degradation, while ensuring the main logo-tag popped off the bottles.