Why did they engage us?

Surf Live Saving Western Australia were looking to shift their web presence away from being a surf club information portal and instead focus their digital strategy towards the general public.

The move to ‘MyBeach’ also created the opportunity to build loyalty around each beach-goer and their local club and shores. We believed this would also more effectively communicate their purpose, which is to protect Australians whilst enjoying our beautiful beaches.



  • Digital Strategy
  • User Experience
  • User Interface Design
  • API Integration
Surf Life Saving WA
Surf Life Saving WA
Surf Life Saving WA

Millions of people visit Western Australia’s beautiful beaches every year - but while they look amazing they can be unpredictable and hide some dangers.

Each beach microsite features live weather conditions, hazard and patrol information complimented with Google maps integration and live beach footage.

The key metrics we were looking to improve included mobile device usage, increasing new visitors and their time spent on website and search traffic through beach-specific terms.

Since the launch in April there have been notable improvements across their digital strategy.

Surf Life Saving WA
Surf Life Saving WA